sunnuntai 19. huhtikuuta 2020

Kekkonen elää! - Live #1 Iron Country Sisters

Kekkonen elää! is back after a long break and this time we'll be streaming our sessions live!

Yes, we are aware that in this time streaming is the new black, so it isn't a terribly original idea, but nonetheless we wanted to give our dear clients an opportunity to stream small scale live sessions with a great sound. Each session will have a little special feature and we'll do a recording setup overview in the blog and our Instagram (@studiokekkonen - be sure to follow us!).

The sessions will be streamed for free on the Studio Kekkonen YouTube channel (please click the little subscribe button!), but there are ways you can help each artists and we'll make sure you'll be aware of how you can do that.

Our first session is with Iron Country Sisters! Formed in 2014, Iron Country Sisters is a trio of three sisters Paula, Silja and Julia Rautamaa, who released their debut album "The Blue Hidden In" (out on Soit Se Silti) in 2019. Recorded partially at Studio Kekkonen, the album was produced by the latest addition to the Kekkonen team Eero Nurmela, alongside the sisters themselves. The record received good reviews in the Finnish music press. You can support the band by buying a physical copy of the album here.

Follow Iron Country Sisters on their social media platforms: 

Oh, and finally, welcome to the team, Eero!

The session will stream live right here:

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