lauantai 16. marraskuuta 2013

Hello blog, sorry I've been away.

Well well well... It seems like a year goes by VERY fast and - shamefully - I've not managed to write a single post into this blog in 2013. Sorry about that, dear readers.

Fortunately, that's changing now, as I type!

It's been a busy 12 months (obviously) and a lot of great music has been made at the studio helped by the bunch of us. There's been some new winds blowing, but the core of our operation remains very close to what it's always been: produce, mix and record music to the best standards of artistic and technical quality!

More about that later, for there will be a time for an epic end-of-year-post, but it's not quite yet (the year ends in 45 days, let's see when we get closer to that!).

Now, we've got news for you:

Our Kekkonen elää! Live at Studio Kekkonen series is continuing!

We recently did not one, not two, but three sessions for your enjoyment and sooner rather than later there will be even more of them!

What we learned from the first two (Matti Johannes Koivu and Suvi Isotalo) is that it's a good idea to keep the production as simple as possible so this time we teamed up with Luomustudio (who are experts in keeping things simple and elegant) as well as our friends and neighbours Soundtools, both of whom are very excited to be part of this!

The first session will be online soon, stay tuned by following us on social media!


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